What we do

We develop and operate merchandise management systems, logistics systems, management information and archiving systems, data warehouse systems, customer information and checkout systems, E-commerce solutions and intranet systems as well as administrative systems.  

METRO SYSTEMS Romania utilises the most recent development methodologies such as Agile for the business solutions.

Some of the used technologies:

  • .NET(C#, VB.net)Mobile platform development for IOS and Android
  • Java
  • Mobile platform development for IOS and Android

Working with a notebook

Quality assurance provides testing services in accordance with each development lifecycle model in order to achieve the desired software quality. A major share of activities ensures the perfect fit and integration of various and heterogeneous business solutions.

Test phases:

  • Definition of software test scenarios
  • Plan and execute tests based on software development and delivery schedules
  • Execute tests and reveal defects in order to facilitate error correction
  • Report on quality levels in order to enable risk based decision making
  • Regular feedback to continuously improve the software development process
  • Continuously improving test processes

The deployment departments deliver the business solution to each METRO country on request and ensure integration into the countries solution landscape.

Part of the services provided includes:

  • Deployment of entire solutions, releases and patches into the countries
  • Creation of the software delivery packages
  • Delivery of technical environments and infrastructure
Quality Assurance

METRO SYSTEMS offers great flexibility in providing support services to all countries, ensuring 24/7 assistance on key business solutions. The support activity consists of working on solutions in collaboration with other support, development and maintenance teams.

Services included:

  • First, second and third line support activities
  • Plausibility checks, analysis and performance checks against databases
  • Creation of scripts for clearance of databases in international applications
  • Support of mass data maintenance activities everything for the customer around

Application operation is responsible for the availability of each application throughout the company. It is the technical expert center that ensures the 24/7 availability of production and preproduction environments.

The application operations team therefore provides services such as:

  • Installation and maintenance as well as the initial setup of the application
  • Support for testing activities.
  • Implementation of new interfaces
  • Monitoring of the environments - creation of the monitors and contact for the monitoring teams
  • Data loads, emergency restore of the application
  • Development of application operation tools such as tools for deployment, monitoring, log checking
Application Operation
Infrastructure Operation Services

The Infrastructure Operation team monitors and administrates availability and high performance of the technical infrastructure at a 24/7 service for METRO countries around the world.

  • Networks (LAN, WAN)
  • Application and database servers
  • Firewall, DNSOne, Identity Management
  • Mobile Devices Support (iPad, iPhone, Blackberry)
  • Client Virtualisation Support and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  • Backup Services
  • Exchange Support

METRO SYSTEMS Romania, at our  Brasov location, offers technical support for the METRO Campus employees. The support activity is provided via telephone, e-mail or ticketing system.

Some of the services covered include:

  • Windows workstations troubleshooting
  • Telephone - either mobile or physical level 1 support
  • Conference room reservation
  • Office relocation
  • Other daily used applications, such as Outlook or the Microsoft Office suite
User Services