A factor that makes METRO SYSTEMS Romania attractive to potential employees is our commitment to the improvement of our employees' health and our dedication to the reconciliation of work and family life. Through constant dialogue with our workforce we strive to continually raise working conditions within the company:

Flexible working time
  • We provide an opportunity to work hours compatible with other commitments.
  • We provide buses and minibuses to get you to and from work each day.
  • Saving you time and money, the complimentary service also offers the opportunity to chat with colleagues.
Sports events
  • We are brainy and we host our own Chess Tournaments.
  • We are limitless and we run Marathons.
  • We are team players and compete in our own Football Tournaments.
  • We are perseverant and patient so we organise Fishing Days.
  • We are agile so we play Bowling and Table Tennis.
Team buildings
  • We are a strong team.
  • We work, play and have fun together.
Reduced Rates at local Gyms
  • We love sports like we love IT, so we are active and healthy.
Medical, Life & Accident Insurance
  • We value life and health, so we offer health and accident insurances.