Corporate Social Responsibility

METRO GROUP is a responsible member of society and enjoys the proactive role that it plays. In the light of the current global challenges we face, METRO GROUP goes beyond legal requirements in reconciling economic goals with the demands of the community, customers, staff, investors and partners.

In line with the METRO GROUP sustainability vision – “We offer quality of life” - METRO SYSTEMS Romania launched its own CSR programme in July 2014. The CSR programme was officially introduced in METRO SYSTEMS Romania within a marketing campaign, when a CSR strategy and four CSR directions were defined: Animals, Environment, Elders, Children & Youth.

Activities across all four directions of the programme are coordinated by our CSR Committee. Committee members are drawn from the Application Development and Application Operation areas of our business.

Corporate Social Responsibilty

Because our employees do care! In all CSR initiatives to date their involvement has exceeded the CSR Committee’s expectations and the results prove that the programme has the power to make good things happen in the community. In the six months since the programme began, our CSR teams have organised more than ten initiatives with the aim of supporting environment protection projects, helping animals, underprivileged children and the elderly, but also sustaining a variety of educational activities in local schools and large worldwide learning events.

Volunteers are our greatest asset

If we were to describe our CSR volunteers, we would say they are enthusiasts who believe that individuals can make a difference but teamwork can lead to more remarkable feats. They are highly motivated to drive a positive impact on environmental and community challenges. Our colleagues offer their time, energy and skills to promote sustainable practices and to increase the degree of assumed social responsibility at company level.   

What better way is there to help out, connect with the community and give back to society? Change starts at an individual level and we are all working together towards global change.