The 2nd edition of Traineeship is now Open for applications!

For one year you can be part of METRO SYSTEMS Romania agile teams.

We have prepared specializations centered on innovation in software development like Java, Oracle and QA testing and in application administration for CRM solutions, Business Intelligence, Checkout Systems, System Administration and Helpdesk. This year we opened one position also for a non-technical role in Human Resources department.

A top team of mentors is ready to assist you along the path to success!

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We are trainees
Laura Nichie

Laura Nichie, 13.11.2015

Laura Nichie, trainee

What drew you to METRO SYSTEMS Romania?

I had heard about the MSYS RO work environment from a close friend and when I saw the ad it seemed like a good opportunity to see for myself what it was all about. I knew about the flexible schedule and about the dynamic environment so it seemed like a good start for a student like myself.


What was your experience like as a trainee?

First of all I liked the Application Operations WEB team, they are all fun, energetic and really helpful. They gave me from the beginning the feeling that they enjoy their work and their time together. They are different from each other, each very skilled in specific technologies as the entire team is actually defined by diversity.

I had a great mentor, George Isar, who trusted me and inspired me to become better and made me want to learn and grow as a much as I could. My manager, Cristian Mechenie, gave me plenty of opportunities to learn and develop further my skills by entrusting me with developing an interesting project.


Please give us some examples of what you learned during your time as a trainee?

I learned to think in a very practical way, because during school time I had a lot of experience with theoretical knowledge. Here I had the opportunity to really put the theory into practice. I learned more about Linux, networking, eCommerce and a new technology, Python programming. I even created an application from scratch in order to help my team in their work, a tool which executes automatic scripts for multiple environments.


Please describe your transition from being a trainee to a full-time employee.

The most important impact was on the diversity of my activities. Now I have an active role in 2 of the major projects on team level and I am also involved in daily tasks like incidents and deployments.

I am also one of the Agile kanban facilitators in the team, I am responsible for daily and retrospective meetings for the entire team.


What’s the best advice you’d give to the new trainees?

Be like a sponge, absorb information from everybody, your team, your manager, other colleagues. Think agile, be flexible, learn as much as you can, share your knowledge, be open to feedback, be appreciative and don't forget to have fun. And be yourself, at MSYS RO people are friendly and positive.

Ioana Nicolae

Nicolae Ioana, trainee

Since I began the traineeship at METRO SYSTEMS Romania, I have learned lots; In College we worked with theoretical notions and at METRO SYSTEMS Romania I have been able to put that theory into practice. For example, I now know the development stages of a project, the programs needed to deliver it and I have started to learn a new programming language.

Alina Simionescu

Stefana Alina Simionescu, trainee

The Dean announced the Traineeship Program at METRO SYSTEMS Romania in a post on the University's website and advised us not to miss the opportunity. Following such a recommendation I really wanted to be part of METRO SYSTEMS Romania family. After only one month of being employed as a trainee I can safely say that one of the strengths of METRO SYSTEMS ROMANIA is teamwork. During the Traineeship Program I want to get involved in as many projects as possible to build a strong and varied skill set.

Andreea Gheorghiu

Andreea Gheorghiu, trainee

At METRO SYSTEMS Romania the atmosphere and my colleagues are cool. Our in-depth training sessions are great, there's an innovative way of approaching problems and an obvious openness to new ideas. My project is exciting and the work environment allows me to be at my most productive.