Who we are

Performance, innovation and service in IT - this is what we offer around the world for METRO. With a team of more than 900 IT professionals working for 26 countries, METRO SYSTEMS Romania is innovating daily and is keen in leading METRO world of retailing into the future.

METRO SYSTEMS Romania is the internal information technology provider of METRO, having three offices in Romania: Bucharest, where about 800 employees work, one in Brasov, founded in 2014 and our new office branch in Cluj-Napoca founded in 2018.

So what is METRO SYSTEMS all about?

METRO SYSTEMS supports the companies inside METRO in their business; it has the ability to maintain and supply large merchandise flows as well as innovate. It fulfils duties within business process consulting and engineering. It provides, creates, implements and supports business solutions. It ensures the required infrastructure as data centres and network services. It maintains the group-wide IT strategy and IT governance principles.


METRO SYSTEMS is an essential value driver for the METRO. As the reliable and integrated IT partner for the METRO, METRO SYSTEMS provides best-in-class IT solutions and services to support business with know-how and technological opportunities.

The services provided by METRO SYSTEMS rest on a solid foundation: consistently implemented business principles guide our actions. Efficient and cost-effective retail processes, fast response and short delivery times are always at the focus of our attention. All activities of METRO SYSTEMS are geared towards providing both our users within the Company and the end consumers exactly the applications and services they need. To achieve this, METRO SYSTEMS Romania sees innovation as a strategic direction. Its specialists permanently improve the workflows by being creative and inventive. This triggers the important aspect of being on top of new technologies and methodologies. They come up with great ideas to sustain the whole value chain through new development methodologies, continuous integration and testing.

METRO SYSTEMS Romania is a trusted employer, offering many perspectives to its employees. For further information, please visit the section.

The new METRO is an internationally leading specialist in wholesale and food retail. At its core, the group consists of the sales lines METRO/MAKRO Cash & Carry and Real. METRO/MAKRO Cash & Carry is active around the world in the self-service wholesale trade - with more than 770 wholesale stores in 26 countries. Real operates more than 280 hypermarkets throughout Germany, making it one of the country’s leaders in the hypermarket business.

The group further includes delivery specialists: Classic Fine Foods, Rungis Express and Pro à Pro. These companies give METRO a worldwide presence and a strong position in the food service distribution (FSD) sector.

The portfolio of the new METRO also includes the start-up network METRO Accelerator powered by Techstars, which supports entrepreneurial teams from around the world in the development of digital solutions.

Additionally, the four service companies METRO PROPERTIES, METRO LOGISTICS, METRONOM and METRO ADVERTISING provide overarching group-wide services in the areas real estate, logistics, information technology and advertising.

METRO - Company Structure

Compliance stands for compliance with legal regulations, company guidelines, processes and standards. As a company within METRO, METRO SYSTEMS is committed to the group-wide compliance guidelines. 

The standardised group-wide compliance programme is intended to ensure that all employees behave in accordance with the statutory regulations and take into account the business principles of METRO.

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