Coordinating big projects right out of college

Andra had heard good things about METRO SYSTEMS and hoped that a chance to work here would present itself someday.  That time came when she least expected it.  Andra was on vacation when she saw a job opening posted on a Facebook group and she submitted her resume. Two months later she was really excited to be accepting her first professional position. Back then, she was still in College, preparing to start her third year of studies.


Why did you choose to have a job while still in college, and why at METRO?

Andra: I felt like I had to put the knowledge and skills I was developing at school into practice.  There is a funny story about why I chose to work at METRO SYSTEMS. Some time ago I heard good things about the company so back then I told myself that this could be the company for me. The opportunity came when I was least expecting it. I was on vacation and I saw the job ad on a Facebook group so I sent my resume. Two months later I was really excited to be employed for the first time in my life.

How were the first few months here?

Andra: I started with an extensive training period and an awesome teambuilding event. Then I began working in shifts and things got serious. There was a huge amount of information coming my way at once and the learning curve was steep but my shift leader was very patient and he guided me during the process.

I saw it like a challenge and I did my very best to complete my tasks and ask for more. Being a new employee with little experience outside of college, of course I made mistakes, but my manager noticed my efforts. Now I am working exclusively on the day shift for the project manager of two huge pieces of work.

How did you manage to work fulltime and keep up your studies?

Andra: It wasn't easy. Fortunately, my manager understood my position and was flexible enough for me to balance the two. I was always careful not to disturb my productivity for the good of the team. There was no time left for other personal activities, but looking back, I can say it was totally worth it.

So what are your plans for the future?

Andra: I'm planning to keep growing at METRO SYSTEMS. :)

Andra Stroe
Andra Stroe