From a desk to the highest mountain peaks

Ovidiu Grosu has been a colleague of ours for 3 years. He is 29 years old and a graduate from the Automatic Control and Computer Science Faculty of Bucharest. Besides programming, Ovidiu loves climbing mountains.  Discover more about Ovidiu's passion for heights. 


How did you get into mountaineering?

Ovidiu: In my free time, I enjoy playing table tennis and jogging, but my favorite activity is mountaineering. I began climbing mountains ten years ago with some of the smaller peaks here in Romania. After a while I moved onto tougher climbs and before long I had conquered the highest mountain peaks in Romania and also a few in France and Austria!

What do you like about climbing?    

Ovidiu: I have always had a thing for high places, panoramic views and physical exercise. Hiking combines all these elements into wonderful and memorable trips.

How do you balance mountaineering and working at METRO SYSTEMS?

Ovidiu: METRO SYSTEMS offers a flexible working schedule along with a short working day on Fridays. This allows me longer weekend breaks for climbing. Another plus is that METRO SYSTEMS encourages its employees to take part in climbing through regularly organised trips. These events are great for those who want to have a relaxing getaway as well as socialize with their colleagues outside the office.

Ovidiu Grosu
Ovidiu Grosu