Digital Coding Incubator

Become a Gladiator in our Coding Arena - Digital Coding Incubator


Become a gladiator in our Coding Arena!


DIGITAL CODING INCUBATOR is a technical development program open for those who already have a previous experience in developing applications with Java or JavaScript frameworks. Is like an arena where you can take to the next level your programming skills become a stronger programmer blended with cutting-edge technology with entrepreneurial mindset. Here you can experience a learning program based on hands-on trainings for our Digital Readiness Products.

In our Coding Arena we only challenge your strengths to become better, offering you the perfect tools to enhance your skills, senior developer mentors to guide you throw the process, an environment to explore and experience the newest cloud development technology stacks, and also we create a community where sharing your ideas with your colleagues is part of the job.


Why should you be part of an incubator?

We developed this learning program because we already have the experience to brace the best programmers, but at the same time we wanted to offer this opportunity for all Java and JavaScript developers who currently work with legacy technologies. So if you want to join this program, be prepared for 3 to 6 months learning program involvement and then you can take further one of our career opportunities in the company’s most exciting development projects.


Who would we like to challenge?

We are challenging all Java and JavaScript developers with +2 years hands-on experience in rusty technologies, typically ranging from front-end user interfaces through to back-end systems and all points in between. We have limited places, only 7 seats available for those interested to develop applications using best coding practices, exchanging ideas and sharing knowledge with mentors and senior developers.


What about the tech?

Some of the tech you will work with: Java and various JavaScript frameworks (TypeScript, Node.js, Express.js, React.js, Mocha JS, Chai JS, Sinon JS), Cassandra and ElasticSearch DB, REST APIs, Microservices and Docker Container Technology managed with Kubernetes, Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery and tools such as Jenkins, Git, Gradle.

Application process:
  • Send us your resume -until 10 April 2018
  • Meet our team at the Interview-Only selected candidates will be contacted.
  • Enjoy a full time paid learning incubator (8h/day)
  • Benefits:
    • meal tickets for each working day
    • free medical subscription
    • free transportation to and from work using our own branded (mini)buses
    • a Bookster subscription for your reading habits
    • life insurance available 24/7, anywhere
    • discounts for smartphones and mobile subscriptions
    • FeelWell program
    • and last but not least, free coffee, a basket full of fresh fruits and fresh orange juice to brighten up your day.


The Digital Coding Incubator takes between 3 and 6 months, after finishing this experience program you can get along with our team at METRO SYSTEMS Romania- Bucharest Office Atmosphere

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Any other questions?

You can address your future questions to Ioana Ivan

We would be happy to hear all your questions and discuss how our incubator would be amazing opportunity to be part of!