Scala School

Scala School is designed to support the education in the direction of modern software development using the Scala programming language and the ecosystem and practices that evolve around the language. We want to bring a new learning approach, much closer to the modern, real world problems that are solved by our Scala development teams, compared to the more academic, theory focused curricula used by the classical Scala courses. We do that by creating a learning path that combines the basic functional programming concepts and Scala language constructs with a piecemeal approach to understanding how to create large scale, distributed applications with powerful tools on top of Scala: akka, Cassandra, Spark, SOLR, Docker.

The program is dedicated for both students passionate about Computer Science, as well as experienced developers that want to learn Functional Programming with Scala.

Admission is free following an interview covering general Computer Science topics.

The program duration will be 3 months and will consist of a combination of online and offline courses. The offline courses will be hosted in our METRO SYSTEMS Tech’NTrade offices in Cluj-Napoca, twice a week, Monday and Thursday, starting from 18:00.

The students will have permanent access to our instructors via a dedicated Slack channel.

Following the successful submission of all course assessments, the students will receive a Certificate of Completion and the opportunity to apply for a Scala Developer position inside METRO SYSTEMS Romania.

For more details please send an email at

Apply here by submitting your CV until 10th of April.

Scala School - METRO SYSTEMS Scala Development