SCALA School – Season II is here

Apply here by submitting your CV until 8th of October.



The program duration will be 2 months and it will consist of a combination of online and offline courses. Start date: October 21st.



The offline courses will be hosted in our METRO SYSTEMS Tech’N Trade offices in Cluj-Napoca, twice a week, Monday and Thursday, starting from 18:00.


How can you join?

Admission is FREE; however, there are a few steps you need to consider to join our SCALA School program.

First: If you’re working or studying in the IT field, send a CV to

Second: if we find your CV a good fit for our classes, we will send you an interesting challenge to solve.

Third: After we receive from you a proposal for the challenge, we will schedule an interview with you so we can get to know you better.

We offer SCALA School classes as a privilege for determined people who want to learn more about functional programming.

Following the successful submission of all course assessments, the students will receive a Certificate of Completion and the opportunity to apply for a Scala Developer position inside METRO SYSTEMS Romania.


What is SCALA School?

Scala School is designed to support the education in the direction of modern software development using the Scala programming language and the ecosystem and practices that revolve around the language. We want to bring a new learning approach, much closer to the modern, real world problems that are solved by our Scala development teams, compared to the more academic, theory focused curricula used by the classical Scala courses.


What we use?

We will create a learning path that combines the basic functional programming concepts and Scala language constructs with a piecemeal approach to understanding how to create large scale, distributed applications with powerful tools on top of Scala: Akka, Cassandra, Spark, SOLR, Docker.

More about the curricula or other useful information you can find by sending us an e-mail at


Who can join?

The program is dedicated for both students passionate about Computer Science, as well as experienced developers that want to learn Functional Programming with Scala. The trainees will have permanent access to our instructors via a dedicated Slack channel.


Apply here by submitting your CV until 8th of October.

SCALA School


“Scala School was a great course. I need to keep pace with new technologies and innovations and this course challenged me to think outside of the box yet kept me on track to what really is important. The trainer, also, is a very skilled and professional person. Plus, MetroSystems have some truly talented and experienced people behind the scenes which are always willing to help and answer any kind of question you have”. – Mihai S.

„I started this program with high expectations and I must say I was not disappointed. I really enjoyed how the information was proposed and the structure of the curricula. During the 3 months of this program I managed to learn the Scala language, technologies based on it and inherently, a new programming paradigm. I had an extraordinary experience.” – Cristian C.

„This Scala course is one of the best (and interesting) courses in programming that you can attend. The mix of theoretical and practical lessons was very good - you immediately learned how and when to use what you've learned. The trainer was also very nice, always ready to help and answer your questions. And not only did he teach us Scala, he also recommended other programming books that a developer should read in his/her life. I really enjoyed this course as it broadened my knowledge and offered me a chance to try something new.” – Andreea T.


Apply here for season 2 by submitting your CV until 8th of October.