The 4th edition of Traineeship is now open for Applications!

Become a Superhero Trainee

Apply for our learning program with a new approach on Romanian market

For 6 months with 6 hour /day you can write your own story being part of METRO SYSTEMS Romania’s learning program that comes with a new approach.

As a Superhero trainee you will have a part-time schedule and a fair salary. We encourage the continuation of the academic studies and support students with a schedule matched with their needs.

A team of MASTERS is ready to assist you along the path to your story!

We have prepared 3 types of Superheroes with different powers!

What kind of hero do you like to be?

What kind of hero do you like to be?

Because you will be able to write your own story and to experience a working environment that is multicultural and built on diversity, open to flexibility and new ideas, with lots of cool people and with challenging and exciting projects.

As a trainee you will have a part time schedule and a fair salary. This way we encourage the continuation of academic studies and support students with a schedule specifically built for their needs, that is not only part time but also flexible. This way we want to discourage the trend of academic drop-outs due to a job.

Because this 1-year learning program has been designed with the help of mentors that are not only experts in their field but they are also willing to contribute to the community, to offer their time and expertise to help others grow.

If you are a last year/master class student at a technical faculty, you speak English with no difficulties and you are passionate about technology in general, then you can be our colleague for 6 months.

The applications are accepted until 5th of April.

Find out more about each Traineeship program

This learning story, with a unique approach on Romanian market, will prepare you to become a Superhero:

Crimson The Queen of Dev

CRIMSON - "The Queen of Dev"

You will gain the power of development at hand (Java, Scala, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, HTML, C# etc.). Your faithful shield is called "The Nullifier" (nothing = 0 goes past it) and your quick sword's name is "The One" (can destroy everything = 1). Become a legendary fighter now!

To open the first chapter of your Dev story, you need to have basic programming skills (BE/FE (Java, Java Script, C#, Python).

Be CRIMSON – Apply here

Lightspeed The Connectivity Guy

LIGHTSPEED - "The Connectivity Guy"

You will master the ancient power of connectivity (to know what hardware to ask for, what OS to install, how to prepare the system and dependencies for all software) and have “The Zapper” as your main weapon. Come with us and become the legend you want to be!

To access the first chapter, you need to have basic knowledge of Operating Systems.

Be the LIGHSPEED Guy – Apply here

Big D The Data Keeper

BIG D - "The Data Keeper"

The power of data will be yours and yours alone. You will wield “ The Data Shield” (understand, create, protect and manipulate Big Data, understand SQL, Oracle, Scala and Java) with the power to create an impenetrable wall, and “The Glass of Insights” to instantly gain knowledge about everything and everyone.

To access the first chapter, you need to have basic knowledge of SQL and Oracle.

Be BIG D. – Apply here


Benefits of the program

As a Superhero trainee you will have a fair salary and a Part Time schedule (6h/day) perfect for fitting in your daily routine your academic tasks as well as the practical experience during the traineeship.

We brought together the best team of Masters to offer you a practical experience in the TechWorld, exhilarating at every level. You will discover our MASTERS as a real support for you and your development as a tech specialist.

You will also have other benefits: meal tickets for each working day, free medical subscription, free transportation to and from work using our own branded (mini)buses, a Bookster subscription for your reading habits, life insurance available 24/7, anywhere, Orange discounts for smartphones and mobile subscriptions, FeelWell program. And last but not least, free coffee, a basket full of fresh fruits and fresh orange juice to brighten up your day.


What do you need in order to apply for our Superhero trainee program


  • last year/master class students/fresh graduates of a Technical Faculty.


Soft skills

  • Want to become a Superhero and develop your powers.
  • Real passion for technology in all its forms.
  • Connected to IT world and curious about innovative solutions.
  • Willing to understand the whole picture and the connections of an application lifecycle.


What happens after applying to this learning story

Like any superhero movie, you will need to overcome the first challenge: an online test that you shall pass using your current powers. You will receive the link in a short period of time after your registration.

We will let you know the result, by mail, and if it is positive you will enter the next phase of the program. This next phase is an invitation to take part at Open Day @ MSYS RO , on 19th April, an event during which you will have the opportunity to know us better and for us to know you better.

The final results will be announced soon after Open Day and the engagement will start on 7th of May.