Business Applications Support Traineeship

We take this opportunity to invite you to join an enthusiastic and dynamic working environment where you’ll get in touch and understand retail business from an European perspective. Our role is to help you practice and grow your technical knowledge through monitoring and supervision activities, incident handling and managing critical situations by achieving customer expectations.

You’ll be in direct contact with the French or Italian colleagues by leading action plans and running productive meetings which gives you the chance to increase your language proficiency.

Our intention is that you build relationships, develop your knowledge and your skills, influence efficiently in every interaction and feedback with our colleagues.

You will understand our team working style and discover our unrevealed passions, hobbies and personalities. You will interact, address questions and have fun.

Benefits of the program

As a trainee you will have a fair salary and a Part Time schedule perfect for fitting in your daily routine your academic tasks as well as the practical experience during the traineeship.

We brought together the best team of professionals to give you a learning experience rich in practical experience in the techworld and exhilarating at every level. You will discover our Mentors as a real support for you and your development as a tech specialist.

You will also have other benefits like meal tickets for each working day, free medical subscription, free transportation to and from work using our own branded (mini)buses, a Bookster subscription for your reading habits, life insurance available 24/7, anywhere, Orange discounts for smartphones and mobile subscriptions. And last but not least, free coffee, a basket full of fresh fruits and fresh orange juice to brighten up your day.

What you need in order to apply for this program

Studies: last year/master class students/fresh graduates of a Technical Faculty.


Basic knowledge of Operating Systems

Good English

Good Italian or French

Soft skills

Real passion for technology in all its forms.

Connected to IT world and curious about innovative solutions.

Willing to understand the whole picture and the connections of an application lifecycle.


APPLY for Business Application Traineeship



What happens after applying to this program

We will let you know the result, by mail, and if it is positive you will enter the next phase of the program. This next phase is an invitation to take part at Open Day @ MSYS RO , on 19th January, an event during which you will have the opportunity to know us better and for us to know you better.

The final results will be announced soon after Open Day and the engagement will start on 20th of February.