METRO SYSTEMS Romania celebrates innovation - Innovation Day @ MSYS RO

26.11.2015. Innovation, performance and full information technology services (IT) in the international retail trade – all these are offered by METRO SYSTEMS Romania, both globally and tailored to the individual local needs for all the METRO retail sales in 30 countries in Europe and Asia.

As an IT services provider for METRO GROUP, METRO SYSTEMS Romania provides expert consultancy to companies that are part of the retail group in all aspects related to the IT, develops specific solutions along the complete value chain and offers a strong IT infrastructure with a team of over 800 IT professionals.

Recently, the company announced the transition to the Agile type practices and organizational culture across the entire company. "The transition to the agile culture of the company creates a better environment for sustaining the innovation that can be declined in creativity, innovation, originality, re-assembly of existing ideas and concepts, search of new, a quick and flexible response to the market requirements, overcoming paradigms and unique solving of certain problems." declared Juergen Boekholt, Managing Director, Metro Systems Romania.

The strategic directions of METRO SYSTEMS Romania are essential to support the guiding principles of METRO GROUP, namely authentic leadership, global entrepreneurship, success through excellence, team spirit, responsibility, sustainability and, not the least, client orientation.

The working group responsible for the innovation consists of colleagues from different departments: Elena Bogus - Human Resources, Rodica Picioruşi – Quality Assurance, Cătălin Ileana - Operations, Radu Orjanu - Application Integration, and took seriously, from the beginning, the role to promote and encourage the innovating ideas within METRO SYSTEMS Romania.

"Starting with the first successful project – MindPlay Room, arranging an informal space favorable to generating new ideal, we continues the series of projects meant to encourage the innovation process among employees." said Rodica Picioruşi, Quality Assurance, METRO SYSTEMS Romania.

One of the major initiatives undertaken was to create a new additional space dedicated to the innovation process, Agile Room – an area to stimulate the creative activities closely related to the second dimension of the company, agility. It is a modern equipped area, according to Agile principles, that allows the employees to train with exercises with agile creativity.

"For METRO SYSTEMS innovation is a live process, in which the entire company is invited to participate, to exchange ideas, to interact and to translate creativity into practice" mentioned Cătălin Ileana – Operations, METRO SYSTEMS Romania.

The permanent improvement of the "Call-for-Innovation" platform, where all the employees of the company are encouraged to write their own innovative ideas or can support the ideas proposed by other colleagues, represents another successful initiative approached by the company.

Elena Bogus, the representative of the Human Resources Department within this working group, points out that "innovation is a reinvention of the way we work, in which we approach the new initiatives in the company, our products, the relationship with the client, the mentality of the employees. Finally, developing the innovation culture must be strengthened by organizing trainings and workshops that help us to know new techniques and ways of generating ideas."

From the series of initiatives that bring innovation to the forefront was also the organization of the Innovation Day event. The purpose of this event was to reach as many aspects of what innovation means. Within this action took place 4 events that were held in parallel: the innovation exhibition, immortalizing the greatest smile in the company in a unique manner with the help of a drone, Arduino & Raspberry PI workshops, and also games of logic, creativity, 3D printing activities that lead to the discovery of the newly created space, Agile Room.

"It was an event different from the normal days of work, consistent and interaction oriented, generating enthusiasm among those who participated. Another declination of the innovation concept at METRO SYSTEMS, that can be translated in doing new and different things, and that involves challenging the traditional way of thinking and acting" declared Radu Orjanu, Application Integration, METRO SYSTEMS Romania.

Each element has proposed to connect innovation with the METRO SYSTEMS people. The innovation exhibition meant an exposure on the halls of its own office building about the history of innovation in the world from the most useful items (printers, ATMs, coffee machines) to those more complex (Internet, cars), including here the history of innovation in retails, and also the elements related to the future of the cash registers and stores.

Within the same event a drone has sparked curiosity and enthusiasm filming inside the building with a very precise flight, smiling persons who deciding to express what it means to them working within METRO SYSTEMS.

The Arduino and Raspberry PI workshops have facilitated the building of automation projects on the existing platforms among which a robot making cocktails, a musical instrument based on fruits and another household automation project. Implementing these opened the way to using Internet of Things type instruments for the projects of the company.

The logic games, creativity and 3D printing activities were the way in which people were invited to discover the new Agile Room. This room was specially designed to facilitate the organization of daily and "stand-up" type meetings of the agile teams during the sprints.

Through the "Innovation Day" we have achieved a number of objectives: increasing the level of awareness of the engine innovation, emphasizing the idea of continuous connection to this mentality by dedicating the company and management to support and accelerate the innovation process and the interaction with the innovation in its various forms (Arduino, Raspberry PI, Drone, 3D printing) as an inspiration source for future ideas.

Innovation Day represented marking a critical point on the trajectory of the transformation of the operating mode to innovation and agility.

In the near future the innovation group is planning to organize two Hackathon type events, one dedicated to innovation in retail and another concentrated on "Internet of Things". In addition, it will be continued the series of innovation workshops through the Design Thinking method. All these actions are part of the category of active instruments used to generate and strengthen a culture of innovation within the organization.

METRO SYSTEMS Romania ensures IT solutions consisting of management applications of goods, managing of the clients databases, database operating and administrating systems, reporting solutions and warehouse data, integration systems, networking and helpdesk, checkout system administrations and e-commerce solutions.                                                                                                                                                                     


METRO SYSTEMS Romania is a subsidiary of METRO SYSTEMS Germany. Since 2006, when METRO SYSTEMS Romania was established, the number of employees has increased steadily to 800. METRO GROUP is one of the largest and most important international trading companies. The company operates more than 2,000 stores in 30 countries and has a headcount of around 230,000 employees. The performance of METRO GROUP is based on the strength of its sales brands that operate independently in their respective market segments: METRO/MAKRO Cash & Carry - the international leader in self-service wholesale - Media Markt and Saturn - the European market leader in consumer electronics retailing and Real hypermarkets.