METRO SYSTEMS Romania: from Inspiration to Innovation

14.12.2016 Innovation, performance, and full information technology (IT) services in the international retail business - all these are offered by METRO SYSTEMS Romania, both globally as well as tailored to individual local needs for all retail sales lines of METRO from over 29 countries in Europe and Asia.

As a provider of internal IT services for METRO GROUP, METRO SYSTEMS Romania provides expert advice to companies that are part of the retail group in all aspects related to IT, it develops specific solutions along the full value chain and provides a strong IT infrastructure for a team of over 800 IT professionals. In the current context of a highly competitive business environment, under permanent fast change, one of the most important qualities is to develop strategic thinking at all levels of our organization. Our innovative approach to support this kind of strategic thinking was to create opportunities for learning about the needs of our retail, wholesale and food service core business, about the tactical moves of our competitors and industry trends.

"Implementing specific solutions or processes that strengthen the culture of learning, feeding the learning function to improve the work, defining an architecture for learning through different methods to better meet the changing needs of customers, increasing the speed and scope of the solutions to support organizational agility are just some of the goals of METRO SYSTEMS Romania", said Juergen Boekholt, Managing Director, METRO SYSTEMS Romania.

One of the values of Agile Manifesto is lifelong learning, given that METRO SYSTEMS is in the transformation process towards an organization of agile. Especially to highlight the importance of this process for MSYS RO, on September 13, 2016 an internal event called INSPIRATION DAY (DAY OF INSPIRATION) - a day like no other was organized. This action offered our employees the opportunity to focus on the understanding of the big picture of our business and to see the impact of their activities on the business and to learn more about the IT industry and the latest trends.

Thus, METRO SYSTEMS Romania has dedicated this unique day in its entirety both for learning as well as for an exchange of knowledge, embodied in a series of exciting events planned very carefully for its employees so that they can apply what they like most, allowing them in the same time to be inspired within a learning process.

Inspiration Day was focused on 4-way learning: knowing more about our core business operations, studying competition and innovative projects in retail, in-depth learning about the IT industry and professional and personal self-development.

The first direction about knowing more about the core business that IT is serving aims to create an experience that generates a more profound understanding our business operations, how it uses our IT solutions, focusing on observation of the big picture and the impact of our work on the business.

The purpose of studying the competition, the second direction of learning within Inspiration Day was to understand what other large retail companies do regarding the provision of IT solutions to support the retail business and to generate ideas and what we can do better for our own systems and in order to help our business operations becomes better and more competitive.

In this special day, shopping from normal retail traders was made, taking into account several important aspects. There were observed behaviours, processes and IT systems during the shopping visit. Together with a facilitator there were shared and discussed prospects observed during the visits made at competitors.

Also, an online survey was conducted in a group session, specifically to support the parallel study of competition. Innovation in retail was explored, in terms of future prospects and trends in the IT systems in the retail market.

The third direction of the Inspiration Days aimed to strengthen the knowledge of the IT industry by learning new things in the tech industry presented by fellow enthusiasts from METRO SYSTEMS. 11 technical workshops based on guided group active learning were performed in this regards at the headquarters of METRO SYSTEMS Romania.

Alin Bradoşa spoke about automation systems in METRO Cash & Carry, Ana Maria Constantin and Maria Izabela Frîncu gave a short introduction about the practical application of decision trees, Artiom Kenibasov explained how simple you can learn from scratch C #.Net in the development of software, Silviu Corlade - taught us how to create iOS applications using Swift and Catalin Rogojeanu gave us details about WEB2PY. The IT Security team proposed a highly immersive meeting with games about hacking and IT security under a catchy title, Game of Hacking. Other interesting workshops were provided about how sensors can be programmed, presented by Cornel Tremurici, how one can develop for example a mobile Phonegap together with Vlad Dima, and Alma Balas explored new concepts in the IT world.

The direction of self-development, the last of the event, assumed work on own projects (IT-related) or discovering something new in the IT field. Employees of MSYS RO decided on the knowledge that they wanted to learn, the project that they wanted to work on, the skills that they wanted to improve or the new ones that they want to learn, to build or renew their identity in order to develop new strengths or talents.

Much of the event was focused on supporting professional self-development and personal development by providing a conductive framework for the development / implementation of own ideas both for presenters and participants. Among the actions there was the self study on how to learn a new subject, work on an innovative own idea, soft skills workshops, such as coaching, feedback or improvisation.

"I thought about the idea of this project, dedicating a day from our usual work program, a day fully dedicated to learning, based on the premise that people generally tend to put the act of learning things and new technologies among the last on their priority list.

We knew that our daily responsibilities at work precede most often the special projects, because there is always something urgent to do, something important on which to work. But unfortunately, time passes without having learned something new, something of value, without finding time to explore, develop new skills. Well, METRO SYSTEMS wanted an original, innovative approach, and so INSPIRATION DAY was born - a day of everything else, the day that marked the beginning of a new adventure of learning." added Sorin Lăpădat, Managing Director, METRO SYSTEMS Romania.

Our success story can be summarized as follows:

(1) For most workshops the number of people enrolled has been greater than the number of available places.

(2) A workshop had enough people enrolled so as to repeat this process again in two weeks.

(3) The presenters (internal employees) want to repeat the experience and were very happy in this role.

(4) As a result of the experience of the INSPIRATION DAY, a new series of learning events under the trademark of METRO SYSTEMS Romania were launched starting from October, with a monthly frequency, under the name of IT CONNECT.



METRO SYSTEMS Romania provides IT solutions consisting of management applications for goods and logistics, management of customers database, operating systems and management of databases, reporting solutions and data warehouse systems integration, networking and helpdesk, administration of checkout systems and e-commerce solutions. The METRO SYSTEMS Romania company is a subsidiary of the company METRO SYSTEMS Germany. Since 2006, the year of establishment of METRO SYSTEMS Romania, the number of employees has steadily risen to more than 800, and the company continues to expand.


METRO GROUP is one of the most important international retailing companies. It generated sales of some €58 billion in financial year 2015/16. The company operates at more than 2,000 locations in 29 countries and employs some 220,000 people. The performance of METRO GROUP is based on the strength of its sales brands, which act independently on the market: METRO/MAKRO Cash & Carry, the international leader in the self-service wholesale trade; Media Markt and Saturn, the European market leader in consumer electronics retailing; and Real hypermarkets.