Running towards your goals

Cristian joined the company in 2011 and is a big fan of outdoor activities: he runs, cycles and hikes. Hard as it is to believe, before working at METRO SYSTEMS Romania he preferred indoor activities such as playing pool. 


When did you become so sporty?

Cristian: Actually, it was a challenge put to me by Cristina my manager. She asked me if I would join her in a relay team for the Bucharest International Marathon 2013. Having a desk job, I had already felt the need to be more active so this invitation came just at the right time. That first marathon was the catalyst and I began to train every day in an effort to improve.

Do you run alone?

Cristian: Every Friday afternoon I meet with several of my METRO SYSTEMS Romania colleagues and we run together. Being part of this great team has strengthened our relationship and helps us all stick to our schedule.  I often train with my girlfriend, who is also passionate about running but sometimes I enjoy running alone.

It is part of my routine and whatever the weather I am out there, running towards my goals both literally and metaphorically.

How do you find the time?

Cristian: At METRO SYSTEMS Romania we have flexible working hours, this helps me balance work and private time. I am very deliberate about sticking to the routine because running makes me happy. It also keeps me healthy and allows me to spend time with the people I care about.

What about other hobbies?

Cristian: I also play pool. This was my favorite sport before running. I was even a member of the Romanian Pool Federation. If you want to play sometime, I can show you some tricks :)

Cristian Toma
Cristian Toma