We love to innovate

IT is considered innovative by default, but this does not mean that every IT company drives innovation.
To sustain a large retail business, our IT specialists continually look to improve processes by being creative and inventive. The employees are provided with all the support they need because METRO SYSTEMS sees innovation as a key strategic direction and one of the essential keys to success in staying competitive.

Each innovation starts with an idea. We open an open environment, favourable and creative, we encourage the employees in taking the responsibility for their contribution with ideas and results, we organize creative workshops that generate ideas. Within METRO SYSTEMS România, the process between generating an idea and the actual innovation, followed by prototypes, implementation and launch will be accompanied by innovation experts in order to facilitate the application of the appropriate methodology.  This is why innovation, success and agility perfectly go together. 

METRO SYSTEMS Romania believes that employees are the ideal ambassadors of innovation. With this in mind, creativity and originality have become important attributes for candidates looking to join us. Once a candidate has joined the company, our HR department will offer the space and tools for these skills to be nurtured and developed further. The people and environment allow easy transformation from ideas to innovations.
  • We have an innovation room where teams can go to brainstorm, explore new ideas and find creative solutions for our business and clients.
  • We have an innovation workgroup which aims to promote innovative ideas inside METRO SYSTEMS Romania.
  • Our innovation platform "Call for innovation" allows METRO SYSTEMS Romania employees to share their ideas and also contemplate the ideas of others.