Java tricks and pitfalls

As my Java developer took off, I came across buggy code, which gave me and my colleagues a hard time in figuring out what the issue was. I would like to share some of them here and, hopefully, ease your work. Needless to say, feedback is welcome and heard.

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Adding automatic tests to an ASP.NET MVC

Soon after software development has emerged, it became obvious that any application beyond a homework needs testing. Testing evolved naturally along with frameworks, both on client side and server side and now we are talking about Test-driven development and Behavior-driven development (e.g. Cucumber).

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Paving the way for Data Warehouse Continuous Testing

The concept of data warehouse is rather simple. Data is extracted from multiple source systems, transformed and then stored for Business Intelligence purposes.

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Here our colleagues share their knowledge and thoughts on programming and engineering. Participation is open to everyone passionate about tech topics.

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First #DevAfterwork

17 November 2017

METRO SYSTEMS Romania powered the 1st #DevAfterWork organised by #Catalyst in Bucharest. We have shared our knowledge and experience of Continuous Delivery Pipeline in Oracle and Java Worlds with some amazing and curious IT Professionals. Catalin Croitoru, Sorin Tudor, Alexandra Buruciuc and Cristian Diaconescu were glad to talk to you about their projects at METRO SYSTEMS. It was a great experience for us and an impressive start for our #DevAfterWork events.


Meet-up in Bucharest

2 November 2017

METRO SYSTEMS Romania organized the first Meet-Up in Bucharest on the 1st of November at TechHub, Bucharest. Cristina Modreanu - Senior Manager, METRO SYSTEMS Romania shared with the audience practical information about DevOps Transformation and Bogdan Vintila, Senior System Engineer, METRO SYSTEMS Romania talked about Pipeline delivery and deployment for JAVA applications. We look forward to welcoming you to the next networking and socializing event.